Grandfather of Howard Douglas Malbone

Source: Biographical Sketches of South Haven
VanBuren County Historical Society,  pg #224

In the wonderful transformation through which this beautiful region has passed in the last twenty five years, few have contributed more than the subject of our sketch. In 1846, in the state of Ohio, John S. Malbone first opened his eyes to the stern realities of this life. Born on the soil which has contributed so many statesmen, he early imbibed those moral principles that have materially aided him in achieving the success that has crowned all the enterprises of his active life. When eighteen years of age he left his native state for what was then the Far West, stopping at Fort Dodge, Iowa. It was while living there that he asked
and gained the consent of Miss Rawson to share with him the fortunes of this life, and there again, as in all other affairs, no mistake was made.
In 1875 he came to Michigan, and settled on a farm on sec. 22 in South Haven township, where, by untiring industry he has carved out of the wilderness a fruit farm second to none in the state. In 1894, feeling that some other line of industry might be more profitable than tilling the soil, he came to South Haven and engaged in the hardware business, where by the exercise of the same sturdy principles of honor that had characterized all his former life he soon had a business equal to any in the city. Although a hard worker in the lines chosen he always took an active interest in all public matters, being twice honored by his fellow townsmen with public office, holding at the present time the responsible porition of supervisor, serving at each session of the county board on important committees. As might be expected of a man of such sturdy principles, he has decided religious views and is now an active member of the First Baptist church of this city.
Feeling the weight of advancing years, he now offers for sale the beautiful farm which has cost so many days of arduous toil and around which cluster so many precious memories, that he may give his undivided time to his growing business in the city.

Several of the photographs in this album were taken on John Solomon Malbone's farm
at Deerlick, near South Haven, Michigan
Howard's Family
John Solomon Malbone
Family Photo Album